Too scared of using white upholstery
due to stains?

Fear no more. The Stain Free wonder is now available in India

Aqua Clean provides the best possible solution to stains by offering a fabric collection which can be cleaned with just water.

These fabrics are not top treated. Rather, the yarns are treated and then put into the mills for manufacturing which enables you to still enjoy the touch and feel of the fabric.

Fabrics work on a stain release feature rather than a stain resistant one which is why the stains never seep in and can be easily removed using just water.

The fabrics are perfect for heavy duty use as many of them surpass the quality test of over 1 lac Martindale.

Aqua Clean® Technology

Advanced Upholstery Protection

Cleaning Just With Water

The Aquaclean® Technology used in the upholstery helps ged rid of the majority of household stains without having to resort to the washing machine. Aquaclean hepls to eliminate even the toughest household stains just with water.

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Aquaclean treatment system covers every fibre with an invisible molecular coating.

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The stains just disappear on aplying water. Lorem Ipsum sit amit, Lorem Ipsum.

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Appropriate Fabrics

For your Pets Also

Traditional Fabrics

Traditional materials without any protection, are an easy target for pets, with their nails engaging the bers which make up the fabric of the sofa, breaking, tearing and stretching the bers as pets try to free their nails.

Aquaclean’s Recommended Fabrics

Aquaclean’s recommended materials have a protective coating developed with our innovative technology that behaves like an elastic and exible barrier. Preventing pets nails from reaching the core fabric and fraying the bers.