Company Profile

Pret-Fab is a name which justifies our operations perfectly.

'Pret' is a french word which represents “day to day fashion” and that's exactly what we work towards with respect to the soft furnishings industry.

We have carefully sourced fabrics and wallpapers from all across the globe in order to create a vast offering catering to your evolved and continuously altering needs and wants.

Recognizing the talents of our design clientele, we have aligned ourselves with established mills and various editors from all over the world to create and showcase collections and distinctive ideologies.

Over the last few years, we have directed majority of our investments towards creating a stock-warehouse in India in order to facilitate a more effective distribution set-up and reduce lead time.

We have over 40 European fabric collections which are now actively stocked on an MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) module offered on a cut-length business plan making us one of the largest stockists of European fabrics in the country with over 1.5 lac meters in our warehouse.

Over a 100 wallpaper collections are also a part of our offering. We are the exclusive distributors of world renowned brands such as Thibaut and Indes Fuggerhaus and also import exclusive collections from various other brands such as York, Seabrook and Weco.

We constantly make efforts and amendments in order to diversify and reach out to a new clientele. We have launched collections from various international brands such as Jim Dickens, Duralee, Comersan, Van Leeuwen and Dizz thereby broadening our spectrum and reaching out to your high-end requirements as well with each company bringing in a new perspective, thought process and technique.